About Zahra Nasrin

Zahra Nasrin started her journey in the arts from an early age. At age 12 she was known by her family to sit for hours in her room drawing portraits of people and her surroundings.

Later in life, after she got her master degree in Education, she decided to dedicate more time to her artistic passions. She began formal art training by taking part in various art courses and workshops focused on watercolour and realistic style with well known artists. Years later she was inspired by new art forms at which time she began experimenting with acrylic and texture. Today this experience has influenced her art work towards impressionism and abstract expression.

She had the privildge of participating in many exhibitions and juried shows where her art won recognition and a following that continued to be her loyal clients and followers.  Zahra has always been an active member in the art communities and  art organizations.  Applying colors, shapes, mediums and techniques to create paintings with the emphasis on balance and composition is her gateway to present ideas through paintings.

 Zahra has been a resident of Richmond Hill, Ontario for the past 30 years, she is very active in her community and spends her days taking inspiration for her art pieces from nature and ideas that surrounds her, spends time on health and nutrition, and spends quality time with her family. 

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